May the sun shine through the bullet holes...

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About W.I.N.

Spawned by the disappearance of Skip Hutch, the social media fueled presidential hopeful, hackers and malcontent citizens escalate a civil war. Years after the violence settles, people are slowly beginning to trust each other and build again. The CEA, a promising new regime recruits Elliot to scout the western part of the country for survivors. After stopping in a small church run town, he meets Nivea, a knife fighter and farm owner who lives with her friends, and former lovers. One day, a bounty hunter shows up for Elliot and he discovers that a small misunderstanding has snowballed (or tumble weeded) into a crusade against him funded by a group even stronger than the CEA... the church. While fleeing the farm, he is captured by the Grinch, and his gang. Meanwhile, Nivea and her farm crew, are all shipped back to her hometown, which was turned into a place for non-violent criminal rehabilitation during what some call "the Great Revision." Run by the Congressman and his family, home is not what it used to be, and she finds herself working in a brothel called the Mangy Dog.
Nique Wheeler

Original Music

Western in Noir can be watched with or without music video sequences, and the soundtrack includes opera, hip hop, blues, and more. Soprano Nique Wheeler sings the voice of Risky. Featuring composition work provided by D_Elete, Ian D, Joe Andolino, and more provided by the team at


Grynch Alberto Zeni

Alberto Zeni

Risky Celisse Graves

Celisse Graves

Elliot Denver Danyla

Denver Danyla

Yumi Gretchen Lodge

Gretchen Lodge